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Wide Range of Support Services Available

Here at Shura, we're proud to offer a variety of different support services for disabled people with a range of needs. Read on to learn about our programs and talk to a team member to determine the right services for your loved one.

Vocational Services

  • Day Habilitation
  • Supported Employment
  • Travel Training
  • Drop-In Supports

Day Habilitation

Our Day Habilitation program includes activities to learn and increase skills. Skills may include motor, communication, personal hygiene and structured leisure leading to employment, volunteerism and improved community integration.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment Services are offered to participants who are/will be employed in competitively paid or volunteer employment. Participants are supported in gaining and/or maintaining paid or volunteer, employment in the community.

Shura provides skill building for job performance and assistance in enterprise development for participants. This will include not limited to assisting the participant in determining the type of job best suited based on ability and choice and the skills required to perform a job.

We guide acceptable job-related behaviors and interviewing preparation. Roleplaying and other tools are used to assist with interviewing skills and appropriate dress. Participants are also assisted with travel training as he/she journey towards more independence.

Community Residential Services

Our Community Residential Services are driven by individuals' interests, choice, and needs. Individuals we support are encouraged to participate fully in the development of there personal centered plan and to exercise their choices in setting goals and directing their lives. Community safety is a priority of our programs as some individuals we support have either forensic involvement or maladaptive behaviors that can impact society. Therefore, Shura provides 24-hour awake/alert supervision to individuals receiving select services.

In addition to providing traditional residential support and vocational services, Shura has created an environment that produces opportunities for participants to live full lives. Our participants are encouraged to build romantic and platonic relationships and may live with and/or a significant other under the auspices of Shura (regardless of sexual orientation.) Participants are also encouraged to practice their faith, enjoy hobbies of their choice, and pursue entrepreneurship. Other program features include:

  • Public Transportation Training (including the MTA, cabs, and rideshare apps)
  • Community Integration (activities of choice)
  • Weekly Community Meetings for Housemates
  • Accommodation for Dietary Restrictions

Personal Support Services

Personal Support Services were previously known as Community Supported Living Arrangements (CSLA). Individuals receiving personal support can have staffing for an allotted amount of time each day or week as tailored by there personal centered plan and family/natural supports.

Persons receiving personal supports utilize these services for various reasons, such as assistance with daily living skills, managing medical appointments, assistance with transportation, skill-building, and access to community integration. Besides, persons receiving personal support through Shura, are also allowed to participate in any of the community integration activities that those receiving our residential support participate in. This includes weekend activities and vacations.