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"Providing Mental Health Services to the Community"

Team Shura

Shura Inc. is led by Tarika Boyd, the organization’s executive director and chief executive officer. Shura’s founders, Tiye Mulazim and Mutee Mulazim, remain vital members in the organization in their respective roles as chief financial officer and chief diversity officer. Our organization is supported by a dedicated team of highly skilled support staff and administrative staff.

Our Philosophy

Shura is an Arabic word that translates to “mutual consultation.” Since 1993, we have been on the journey of being an innovator in the field of community-based human support service. Our belief is that, only through mutual consultation with all stakeholders, are we able to provide a collection of high-quality services for the persons we serve. We encourage the persons being supported to strive for self-determination in a manner that recognizes and is courteous of their needs and or challenges. Secondly, our effective team of direct support staff and administrative staff, assist the participants in actualizing goals, making informed choices, and ultimately living the life they envision for themselves. Our motto is “together, we can make a difference!"